Stylish bar in the Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsu M Line Market


Cafe & Bar M Line Market


Emurain is located in the center of Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture..
Recently, it is a popular cafe and bar, which also came many foreign customers.

M Line Market offers a delicious drink and delicious European cuisine in a stylish space.
The finest of Jamon Serrano is very delicious.
Drinks also have various available such as alcohol or liquor, scotch.
Scotch Favorite master sometimes or playing the guitar. Sometimes, such as guest and piano and is also is very fun atmosphere session


Recommend menu

Panini various kinds 650yen

Panini various kinds 650yen

"Panini" is the Italian Hot sandwich. It is what put many delicious food between orginal crispy and chewy breads, and are pressed it!


Shop hours

Dinner & Night time:18:00 - 23:00(last call)

Regular holiday : Evry Monday